XML Schema will help you build better XML (source: About)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010 by 3rd Party Source

Hi Dave,

Let me see if I can address this. I dont know if Id say you are off the mark. The similarities are obvious. The two come from the same family. What I would say is that programming and design is a fickle beast. It flows and ebbs like most of technology. xHTML was developed to make HTML more extensible and communicate effectively with other data formats. XML and schemas work in much the same way.

Will we go back in time to older formats? Not a chance.

Will XML change in the future to adapt to flowing technology? Yep, thats the nature of the beast.

In five years, is XML still around?I think so. It may change and look a little different, but the base design is worth keeping. As you said, xHTML was under utilized. XML is not. As time moves on, advancements are made and we adapt.

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